We are happy to rent our vehicles out to anyone with a valid drivers license, or anyone with an international license. The only other condition we have is that the driver renting the slingshot has to be 21 years or over and be able to drive a 5-speed manual transmission.

We need to protect our business and our slingshots. For this reason, we ask everyone for a credit card authorization of $1000. This doesn’t charge your card at all, and as long as the slingshot is returned to us with no damage at all, the money will never be taken off your card. We then also ask anyone who rents a slingshot to sign the rental agreement as well as the liability waiver we provide. Apart from that we also need everyone who hires from us to purchase insurance from us. This costs $15 a day. We have partnered with MBA Insurance to make sure that our renters are fully covered while on their ride.

We can’t stress enough that we do not take $1000 off anyone’s card unless there is damage to the slingshot. There are a couple of other deductible reasons, but they are just in case accidents happen. When we authorize your card, it is definitely not charged, it just puts the money on hold in case we need to cover any damages. $1000 is the amount of our insurance deductible, which is why we authorize that amount. It’s better for us and better for you if we don’t charge the card, so we do try to avoid this.

We will deliver slingshots all over the Broward and Miami-Dade counties. You just let us know your address and we will drop it off to you, doing our best to keep the cost as low as possible. This means less hassle coming to us, and more time on the road for you.

We love driving slingshots, and we guess that you love them too! We get that driving is awesome, which is why we don’t place any restrictions on mileage. Once you have your slingshot you can go as far as you can manage. We just ask that you stay within the Florida state limits.

We figure that most people like to book things online, and that this is the easiest way to do things. Therefore, you can book the slingshot online via our website.

We tend to rent our slingshots to another customer straight after it’s returned, so we ask for the tank to be filled before you bring it back. If the tank is empty, we automatically charge $35 to re-fill it.