Rental Insurance may be purchased within 7 days of your reserved pick-up date, no sooner. Coverage is for 24-hrs and costs $15.

After completing your online booking, we will e-mail you our MBA Insurance policy number. Next, you’ll follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter our policy number
  3. Select Yes, VAHTOM GROUP LLC, is my Rental Operator
  4. Select the pick-up date to begin coverage and pick up time
  5. Select the drop-off date (Insurance is only good for a 24-hr)
  6. Select if you’d like to purchase supplemental liability insurance (SLI) or Personal Accident Insurance PAI/PEI (Motorcycle & Slingshots only)
    *SLI increases your liability up to $300,000 and property damage up to $10,000. This is for damage you, the renter,  could potentially cause to someone else or their property.
  7. Enter your personal information
  8. Select “I accept the terms and conditions”
  9. Enter payment details
  10. Select Purchase

An email will be automatically sent to you and to us immediately after purchase.